Zoning Code Updates

The City of Little Canada’s Zoning Code is undergoing an update and will be reviewing draft language through the end of 2021 before final adoption by the City Council. The Planning Commission will review the final draft of the Zoning Code at its October 14th meeting with a public hearing and final review by the City Council at their November 17th meeting.

Review 1st Final Draft - Zoning Code Update

Zoning Code Amendments - Highlights to Date


  • User-Friendly: Make the zoning code easier to navigate and understand
  • Diet: Trim the dead wood, the districts that aren’t even used or which seem duplicative
  • Contemporary: Remove outdated material and introduce contemporary practices
  • Rice Street: Create a regulatory environment that fosters proud new investment along Rice Street
  • Conditions: Provide clear, written conditions for those land uses that sometimes have negative off-site effects
  • Standards: Establish standards for all types of development that will contribute to an attractive and functional city
  • Administration: Streamline the application review process
  • Retention: Keep the desirable features of the present code; minimize creating non-conforming land uses.


  • Diagnosis: Started with an analysis of the present code last year
  • Planning Commission: Work with the Planning Commission as the primary source of public review and comment; conduct monthly review sessions; provide explanatory memos
  • Outreach: Meet with major landowners, residents, and the business community
  • Website: When the Planning Commission approves, post a draft of the entire code, chapter-by-chapter, for the public to review, along with a summary memo
  • City Staff: Review every word with the City planning and engineering staff
  • Comments: Collect and present public comments; respond to every comment
  • One Year: Aim for a 12-month process

Major Changes

Zoning Districts
The City's Zoning Code and Zoning Map will align with the vision of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Zoning districts within the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Districts will be consolidated to provide better understanding and administration by City Staff.

Structure of the Code
The lists of Permitted, Conditional and Accessory land uses would be consolidated into three tables, one each for the residential, commercial, and industrial districts. Presently, such lists are shown in paragraph form in each separate district, making the comparison more difficult.

Tables of Dimensional Regulations
Dimensional regulations such as setbacks or minimum lot area would be shown in tables rather than sentences for easier understanding.

Tables of Contents
There would be an overall table of contents and one at the beginning of each chapter.

New vs. Existing Regulations
Existing regulations would be re-used whenever it seems appropriate but replacements will be proposed as judged necessary. There would not be change just for the sake of change. So, the future code will seem both familiar and new. 

Setback Dimensions
Many of the minimum setbacks in the residential, commercial, and industrial districts would be reduced slightly. A few new setbacks will be specified where the present code is silent.

Community Engagement

City staff is in the process of reaching out to local business owners and residents for feedback for the update. If you have questions or would like to discuss any part of the zoning code, please reach out to our Community Development Director.

  1. Corrin Wendell

    Community Development Director / Planner
    Phone: 651-766-4046