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City of Little Canada Small Business Saturday Feature

  1. Small Business Saturday Feature

    The City of Little Canada will be doing a Small Business Saturday social media (City Facebook and City Instagram accounts) feature for City of Little Canada small businesses the week of November 20 - November 25. Only those businesses that complete this form will be considered for feature. 

    Please complete the form, upload a business logo, and upload image of your business (examples include: picture of front of business, business interior, picture of owner in front of business/business interior, picture of employees).

    Information provided in this form will be used in the feature. Staff may contact you with additional questions if needed. 

  2. Will you be open on Small Business Saturday (November 25, 2023)*
  3. Business questions

    Please answer these questions as part of the business feature. Answers will be submitted as part of the business feature.

  4. Photo Permission*

    By checking "yes" below, I hereby grant permission to the City of Little Canada to use submitted photographs of myself, my business, or (for those under the age of 18, my child). These images may be used in both printed and online mediums. Furthermore, I authorize the use of submitted images for all program promotion, materials, and any other purposes in connection with the program deemed appropriate and/or necessary by the City of Little Canada.

  5. Tennessen Warning / Privacy Warning*

    You may choose not to provide some of all of this data, but it may limit your ability to participate in this program. For example, your contact information is needed in case of additional follow up needed to complete the business feature. By checking "yes" below, you are consenting to allow your information to be shared with city staff in order to administer this feature. 

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